The Problem Of Lean Manufacturing

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Again, LT help firm to redesign the patients’ pathway. The significant numbers of waste were eliminated and achieved more efficient process. The patients’ pathways were reduced significantly. From the fact, originally, there were 19 steps in serving patients, but with lean they were reduced to 11. This leads to the deduction in lead time in just 80 minutes [16]. As usual, every theory implemented has its own limitation. For lean thinking, it can help manufacturing industry to achieve in minimizing the waste activity. However, lean manufacturing has not been accepted by all users. For instance, difficulty in having human coordination and the limitation in applicability outside monotonous manufacturing environments are the weaknesses that…show more content…
Moving on to the next word which is process, the word process is defined as the activities that are planned to establish the outcome for consumers. These activities will be structured and measured with care and awareness. The word process, according to Davenport [33], can be able to identify strongly on how job is handled within the business process inside the company. For the word “Business process” , it can sophisticatedly define into 3 different categories which are inputs, the processing, and the outcome. These three elements will concern to the process of inserting input into transformation process. The inputs will be included with data such as consumers’ inquiries and materials. After that the, the processing will transform those data and materials into the outcome in which they have to move on through a number of processes. These materials might possibly turn into waste and time consuming if the process is not ready. The outcome, finally, will be delivered to consumers. Hammer [35] has further explained the 4 key words for BPR as followed: The first key word is foundation. In the process of reengineering, members in organization might come up with the most basic inquiries about these changes and how they function. The second key word is essential design. This will be focusing on the very foundation of things. The key word will totally ignore the outermost part that is already good in the moment, but it will completely
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