The Problem Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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Society does not define what is perfect or who is perfect. Being “fat” does not mean someone is imperfect or unhealthy. That is all thoughts that have evolved through ignorant minds. Living a healthy lifestyle is what needs to be ingrained into our heads, not “you need to be skinny”. Magazines and television have been the prime source of these issues. With the lack of variety in body sizes televised have brought fear in our children and leading them to be ashamed of how they look. Some may give up because they fear they will never become “skinny”. Being “fat” was never the problem. The problem is being unhealthy and not having the chance to live a medically stress free life. The numbers are growing in child obesity based on research, they are struggling, “obesity in children rose from 25.7% in 2011-12 to 27.4% in 2014-15” (Cyril 2). If it continues to grow it will be harder to stop and might spiral out of control. There are misconceptions on what it means to be healthy and in shape. Society needs to open their eyes and understand that being “fat” is not the problem but being unhealthy is. They need to gain knowledge on what it truly means to be healthy. Over years America has tried to help childhood obesity but never really making it clear that being overweight is not necessarily a bad thing. When society makes it seem as if being overweight is a bad thing it causes children to be a little insecure. They may feel as though they do not fit in. This was part of the reason
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