The Problem Of Making Unethical Choices

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• The problem of making unethical choices due to ‘systematic corruption’ and ‘administrative evil’ (Svara, 2015,p.110) o Systematic corruption occurs when the military system of following orders, apply directly in the public service, forces participants to follow instructions and punished those who resist, even though the instructions is unethical and it means the suffering of some citizens. o Government claimed to have been abide by and maintain law and order, but contradicted by their practices.  They unwilling to release a criminal suspect who is a military officer. o Administrative evil occurs when military and police officers hide behind the government political and administrative system such as the constitution and other decrees, to abuse their powers and acting unethically. o Sense of duty are misdirected, and ethical standard are distorted in order to justify unethical behavior. o Failing to recognize the limits of obedience, and presume that one is required to obey regardless of what the order entails (Bazerman, 2011). c. What were the harms to stakeholders, other individuals, organizations, or the general public interest? • The loss on public confidence in the service provided by both the military and police force. d. What was the outcome of the event? Did the individual at the center of the event take responsibility? Was blame passed on to someone else? Were otherwise unhelpful explanations offered? Were personnel, organizational, or policy changes made?
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