The Problem Of Medical Advice

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In the world of medicine, many things tend to unintentionally go wrong. However, in many instances these things knowingly happen. Many health practitioners and people alike tend to wonder why patients leave or put their health care on hold despite of a medical professional’s advice. Many patients and people tend to wonder why they or their loved ones were discharged too early, or without sufficient medical care, There are many reasons as to why a patient would leave against medical advice, but not many valid ones for discharging a patient without proper treatment early. The questions in these cases are, what drove them to decide that course, and why? In this country, there are many saddening but valid reasons in leaving against medical advice. As stated in this review article by, the main demographic of people who tend to leave against medical advice are usually “younger age, male gender, non-insurance, low socio-economic status, alcohol and drug abuse, and psychiatric disease,”. (Ayed) The number one reason of a patient leaving is money, or lack thereof. Many people do not have the sufficient amount of money needed for their medical expenses. Throughout the years and the recent Affordable Care Act, the number of uninsured people in the U.S. has fallen to 12.9 percent. (Levy) As satisfying as that is to hear, people still have to pay for their insurance monthly, and still have many co-pays to worry about. Whichever way anyone wants to look at the situation,
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