The Problem Of Medical Errors

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Medical error is a major problem that take place in the healthcare system in today’s society. Medical errors in hospitals are the third main cause of death in United States killing 44,000 people per year due to medical errors. Studies show that poor communication in medical fields has cost up to 1.7 billion dollars. Miscommunication is the core for this error, failure to clear communication can guide to serious complication, such as serious problems for patients and deaths. This Mistakes usually happen when there is a miscommunication between the nurses and the doctors or between patients and experts. The three common errors, which take place in the medical system are, miscommunication about patient condition between the doctors and nurses, Shift change between workers or transferring of patients to a different hospital and the third one is lack of enough practice and somehow negligence. It is important to understand the condition of a patient and specifically point out the problems of the patient. Usually this kind of problem occur due to workload pressure and stress. It also emerges due to failure of understanding patients problems. According to Nirpuma Shankur on his blog which can be found on which he states as follows “Nowadays, one doctor manages a very high caseload and volume; they also have to spend a lot of time on documentation. As a result, they hardly spend 5-10 minutes one-on-one time with a patient. Needless to say, the stage is set for
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