The Problem Of Medical Marijuana

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Looking around us today the youth of our nation is far more advanced in many aspects then ever before. From the mature styles of clothing to their ability to operate technology better then their parents, adolescents believe they are mentally older and able to make adequate decisions. This is a dangerous mind frame to have when the world around these adolescents is a rapidly growing marijuana market. Medical marijuana is a popular topic of conversation with not enough emphasis on its direct effect on the listening ears of children. The idea of medical marijuana is a stepping-stone in adolescents’ minds with the impression of, if it is considered medicine it’s there to help. In a perfect world adolescents would be sheltered from all harm but our world is not perfect and medical marijuana is a downward spiral with its increased use by children. Proactive action is necessary against this easily accessible drug to protect the innocents of the children and as a society we can do so by diminishing its name, false praises, and availability. Surveys taken by California children and adolescent psychiatrist stated that their patients were not aware of medical marijuana effects. These effects are but not limited to decreased recognition of motivation, decrease in short term memory loss, and all around more complicated problems. These surveys also evaluated that the patients had a misconception of the drug as being beneficial versus its real affect as well as being more easily…
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