The Problem Of Medication Errors

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Clinical Question This paper addressed the problem of medication errors in the healthcare setting and how they occur. Although medication errors sound harmless, it actually injures hundreds of thousands of individuals a year in the United States. According to Williams and Ashrcoft (2013) “ An estimated median of 19.1 % of total opportunities for error in hospitals.” Although medication errors can occur in any floor at any moment it is more prevalent to occur in the modes of transferring a patient. As per Johnson, Guirguis, and Grace (2015) “An estimated 60% of all medication errors occur during transit of care. The National Transitions of Care Coalition defines a transition of care as the movement of patients between healthcare locations, providers, or different levels of care within the same location as their conditions and care needs change, [and] frequently involves multiple persons, including the patient, the family member or other caregiver(s), nurse(s), social worker(s), case manager(s), pharmacist(s), physician(s), and other providers.” During this time frame the patient is changing settings and, the person responsible for the health care decisions is also changed.

The specific clinical question guiding the search for a quantitative research article is as follows: In hospitalized patients that are being transferred would proper communication decrease the risk of medication errors? The population would be hospitalized patients being transferred. The intervention
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