The Problem Of Mental Health

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Throughout the course of the semester we discussed and read many books about coming-of-age and many of those books have discussed the problems of mental health. Mental health is a very serious issue in today 's society, and there are many issues surrounding it in children and young adults. Many times people assume that a child or young adult has the perfect life, but tis is not always true. Some assume just because you 're the best athlete or you won a state championship that all is well in your life. This is also not true. Many things revolve around a kids world, where these things can become very overwhelming at times. It can become extremely stressful and a young person 's life. Weather by school or assignments these are all things that factor into a kids mental health state, and many other things. This is not limited to several other things like home life, parents, and relationships all have throughout high school and college. I believe the reason why young people have such a hard time today is because they have so much stress packed on their shoulders. All the stress adds up to an abundance, that can 't really be taken off their shoulders. When you add up everything that a young adult has to go through, and you compareto what our parents and their parents had to go through. It 's nothing in comparison. Our lives are just simply more stressful, in comparison to what the 20th century adults and young adults had to go through. I believe that 's due to the increase in
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