The Problem Of Mental Illness

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This paper will analyze the problem of mental illness in American society. Firstly, this paper will discuss why mental illness is such a large problem. Access to equal treatment is not available for all. Therefore, when not addressed or treated, mental illness can lead to further social issues such as gun violence, suicide, homelessness, and incarceration. This paper will also address three government policy solutions that help treat the severely mentally ill, ease their transitions back into their communities after treatments, and prevent further social problems. Three government policy solutions to the problem of mental illness include Laura’s Law, Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI), and Strengthening Mental Health in our Communities Act of 2014. These three acts would expand Assisted Outpatient Treatment, expand the equal protection of the rights of those who suffer from mental illness, as well as further health monitoring and nation-wide services for those with mental illnesses. Mental illness is a large problem in American society today. Not only is mental illness a problem in itself, it has the ability to lead to further social problems in this country. The three government policy solutions will provide insight into how this problem could be minimized and controlled to prevent further complications in American society. Section II Mental illness refers to the various mental health disorders that come in various forms affecting

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