The Problem Of Music Censorship

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I. Introduction: A. Attention Getter: Imagine yourselves listening to music at a party, you’re jumping around yelling, screaming, and majority of the time singing or rapping along to whatever song is playing. Now imagine every other word, or whole verses in the song getting bleeped out frequently because of the message it presents even though you have the right to listen to whatever you so desire. This is the problem of music censorship we all face today. B. Relevance: Being college students on a great campus such as this one, music becomes a part of our daily routine. Since our quad is so big we need ways to make our commute to class enjoyable if we don’t have anyone to talk to, so what do we do? Pull out the next best thing: those precious headphones that are playing the music we love. C. Credibility: Being teenagers, we all have certain things we like, and majority of the time that is listening to music. We all have listened to music in our lives, and we have all come to prefer certain types of music over others: I am no exception. Almost anytime I am walking around campus I have my headphones in listening to music. The music that we know and love is rarely ever censored, but we have all heard music that has been censored at some point in time, so it is safe to say we have all been exposed to both types of music. D. Thesis: Music…

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