The Problem Of My Mentor Teacher

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There’s another kid in the class that has Autism, so he has temper tantrums. He is recently diagnosed and it’s taken a while for the papers to go through. You can tell that he’s on the Spectrum just by interacting with him, so it was pretty easy to tell that there’s other reasons behind his behavior. My mentor teacher does a pretty good job with dealing with his meltdowns, unless it’s an all day, ongoing thing. Normally she’ll send him to the back of the class or the bathroom until he can calm himself down. This normally doesn’t take too long for him, but it all depends on the day and on the severity of the situation for him. Not having an aide for him or an IEP makes it difficult to make any accommodations for him because we don’t necessarily know what to do to accommodate his needs. He should be getting an aide soon, hopefully; so then it’ll be easier to link his behavior to his disability. For now, though, we find ways to calm him down and talk him through his meltdowns to calm him down enough that he can rejoin the group. This kid is a good kid and it is kind of rare that he has a meltdown, but I have noticed that he doesn’t always adjust to change very well, as is common for people that are on the spectrum. While I don’t think his Autism is severe, I do believe that it does affect his behavior in class. He is normally a pretty well behaved student in class and he very actively participates and asks and answers questions he has the answer to, even if they’re irrelevant
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