The Problem Of National Self Reliance Essay

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More than any other sphere of human endeavor it seems that economics reveals the weakness in humanity 's attempts to both unite as one larger whole, and to maintain separate national identities. Efforts to create a unified front, are slow and challenged by Westphalian conceptions of state sovereignty. Efforts to preserve states individuality and self-reliance reveal the human suffering that was commonplace before globalization began to 'smooth out ' the economic extremes experienced in localized areas. All politics, and economics, are local but I 'm not sure that national self-reliance is a particularly useful tool as we move into the twenty-first century. The challenge is: how do proponents of liberal economics convince citizens of democracies that systemic level liberalization is beneficial even as those citizens may suffer negative economic consequences at the personal level? From an academic perspective the argument for increasing economic liberalization and the reduction of barriers to trade makes perfect sense. It is difficult for academics and policy makers to sell constituents on such an ephemeral idea. The 'common sense ' perspective says that keeping jobs and maintaining national independence are extremely important. The reality is that the global economy is already integrated; not perfectly, not in every field, and not even necessarily well. But it seems as if it is already irreversible. So by fighting to preserve protectionist ideas do states inadvertently hurt
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