The Problem Of Network Security

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Network security has never been so critical for the last decades. Companies nowadays are at a potential risks. The use of data is essential for business needs and user’s education is a priority. Users allow companies to manipulate their data on a trust relationship basis. A startup healthcare company has many challenges in the market as new cyber threats come every seconds which impel network security administrator to enforce strict rules and measures. A company information technology structure set up will determine its protection. A risk analysis is important to discover flaws and recommend measures that administrators need to take. As for any startup company, the needs to a good information technology structure plan is paramount. ABC Healthcare is new with 50 employees. According to fig.1 which illustrates the ABC information technology structure the company is at great risk. The company is equipped with an ISP modem/router that is directly connected to a switch. The ABC might have installed great antivirus software to protect their system against cyber-attacks. Nevertheless, managing healthcare data in a network with only antivirus is not enough. An antivirus offers great protection and is an effective way to protect against viruses. However, a firewall is a necessary tool to help keep attackers off the network based on rules set implicitly to filter the web traffic and protect files. While antivirus is a great tool to help keep you safe, adding a firewall will give the
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