The Problem Of Nuclear Warfare

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In 2014, 32 658 innocent people died in five third world countries do to terrorism, 6 531 of these people died because of aiding countries missile attacks to help prevent terrorism. These developing countries have lots of conflicts within their own country and with others. When more developed countries get involved, more innocent people get killed. Once one developed country gets involved, more countries will get involved to help, so the war gets bigger, and these countries that are at war could decide to go to nuclear warfare. The evidence shows, that in third world countries, innocent people are at risk. According to Frances Stewart from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI): “8 out of 10 of the world’s poorest countries are suffering, or have recently suffered, from large scale violent conflict” ( These countries weren’t helped by their more developed allies. Their allies came in to their country, and got the country they were trying to help in more trouble. If the developed countries like the U.S., doesn’t leave the Middle-East, the countries that they are in to get oil don’t have a very nice future. “After WWII countries have been attacked number of times so that the U.S. could get oil” ( The men who go to war in these third world countries are normally uneducated men, trying to protect their war of life, “In these countries,…
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