The Problem Of Nuclear Waste

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For many years, the government has been faced with the mounting dilemma that is being caused by nuclear waste. This radioactive material is a byproduct of nuclear reactors, hospital, processing plants, and research facilities. Since the use of nuclear power began, the wastes have been transported and kept from the public successfully but there are a large percentage of people that believe this industry needs to come to a halt until a solution has been devised for its disposal. There is a major concern that the long term containment plants and current burial grounds are not adequate solutions; this is due to the risk of potential environmental disturbances. When these substances are not disposed of properly, they can cause a multiplicity of dangers such as cancer and destruction of the ecosystem. The most effective methods for the elimination of nuclear waste are building more reliable burial sites, turning the byproduct into electricity, transmuting these toxins into glass that can be handled normally and constructing launchers to send the most noxious substances into outer space. It is mandatory that measures are taken to eliminate nuclear waste because of the detrimental effect that these radioactive substances have. Radiation emits waves of harmful energy in waves or sub atomic particles that have the ability to pas through various materials such as cells, skin, or metal. “The mix of materials in nuclear waste means it could possibly need to be isolated for thousands of
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