The Problem Of Offender Profiling

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Offender profiling can be described as the process often used in extremely serious offences such as serial murder or sexual assault. The process aims to identify unique characteristics about the offender through examining the characteristics of the offence and gathering information about the victim (Farrington, 2007) as well as using information gained from previous similar offences before gradually building up an offender profile.
In order for offender profiling to be considered useful, it must gather detailed information about the offender, victim and crime scene which can then be used effectively by police detectives to eliminate any suspects who do not match with the profiler 's offender specification and aid authorities in
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The information gained from the interviews was paired with information from the FBI 's Behavioural Science Unit as well as examinations of forensic evidence, nature of attacks and the crime scene itself.
The crime is then put into a classification system of being either 'organised ' or 'disorganised ' by building a set of characteristics likely to be identified in each category in order to distinguish the type of criminal that may have committed the offence.
For a criminal to be considered 'organised ' this would mean that evidence had been found that suggested the offender had carefully planned out the offence before it had taken place, left very few clues and had carried out the crime with a stranger as the victim. It is also inferred that an 'organised ' criminal would have an above average IQ, be sexually and socially competent and in a highly skilled occupation. Whereas a 'disorganised ' offender would display the opposite characteristics and would typically be found to leave clues, have a below average IQ, be sexually and socially incompetent etc. Once the profile of the criminal has been established, investigative suggestions are then made based on the profile (Douglas et al, 1992).
In the 'Bottom Up Approach ', evidence is gathered to find information that will reflect
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