The Problem Of Online Gaming

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To introduce this subject, I must state that though this isn’t a wide spread, or controversial issue as some other social issues today, for example sexual crimes, racial and religious crimes or poverty and economic issues. It is slowly becoming more relevant every day thanks to the spread of internet use to many homes and the advancement of technology that has allowed gaming to become a form of entertainment that can be found in most homes in the modern developed world. Gaming has become a past time that most kids experience and some of those children continue their gaming experience all the way in to adulthood as a hobby. Online gaming is a relatively new experience, having really been brought into light in the past decade with the introduction of broadband internet. (Cash 2012) A study done by researchers at Iowa State University and the National Institute on Media and the Family stated that a nationwide survey of 1,178 American youth aged 8 to 18, found 1 in 10 video game players or 8.5 percent of American youth, show some signs of being addicted. Out of those who were studied some displayed at 6 of 11 symptoms of pathological gambling as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. They used gambling rules because at the time and some still state that there isn’t really a clear cut definition for gaming addictions. The most common of these games are what are called MMORPG’s or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. This term refers to games that have you
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