The Problem Of Organ Failure

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Unfortunately, there are more ill individuals in the world than there are donated organs to give them a second chance at life. Human nature is to live and enjoy life; unfortunately, the failure of an organ can have catastrophic effects that lead to death. Organ failure can strike anyone, regardless of where that person may be located on a map and at any point throughout history. Its’ effects are prevalent in today’s society, more so than it has ever been before as humanity is struggling against the ongoing effects with greater numbers now. Due to the lack of available organs to replaced damaged or diseased ones, people turn towards unethical means of obtaining organs and desperately search for unorthodox solutions. There is no other option…show more content…
There was no possible way that every single dying person would get a second chance at life; thus, the organ-based black market developed and thrived off of the desperation of those with no hope of obtaining an organ. Decades ago, there were situations where people were drugged and they woke up in filthy conditions to find an organ missing from their own body. Children and babies were commonly kidnapped for their parts and unjustly robbed of their entire life ahead of them. The United States Information Agency denied that these situations ever existed to the public while knowing the opposite was true (Columb, 2015). Illegal organ sells and transplantation was not acknowledged by the country; therefore, there was nothing to stop the flourishing black market. Situations like these were borne from the realization that the ill can get organ replacements from others, even if it costs dearly to those who they take from. The criminals had no major obstacles preventing them from doing so. Despite the crime that ensued once people realized they could transplant organs, this specific period of time was more beneficial than detrimental. It has led to organ donations and has given the gift of hope to those who used to think their only choice was to die along with their slowly deteriorating body. Modern day technology has given people the gift of being able to transplant healthy organs and discard the diseased
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