The Problem Of Organized Crime Essay

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Organized crime is a major problem around the world and only grows larger as time goes on. They increase in size and influence daily and become more of a threat to anyone who has the displeasure of interacting with them. These gangs, as they’re often called, deal in weapons, drugs, and human trafficking, selling means to kill people, ruin their lives, or just plainly sell people. Unfortunately actions such as these are commonplace nowadays among gangs as they become more and more ruthless. We need to rid ourselves of gangs, that much is clear. However, nowadays we’re not in a position to do so. Everyone in the country needs to understand the dangers of gangs and how they can grow anywhere despite law enforcement. Because it’s not the police that can do away with gangs for good, it’s the citizen 's’ responsibility to ensure these gangs never grow and prosper. A problem facing the common citizen regarding this problem is their perception of gangs, how they view gangs and how they think gangs operate. To the average person when they think of a gang, they think of some teenagers smoking on a street corner brandishing knives. And while that’s partially true, it’s very far from the whole truth. When it comes to organized crime, there is no one type of gang, there different types of gangs varying in their size, influence, and how dangerous they are. At the bottom of the food chain is the street gangs consisting of a few dozen members at most and, like the name implies, they
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