The Problem Of Overcoming Addiction

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Overcoming addiction is a lifelong struggle and one that takes a lot out of a person. People have to fight against the urge to use every day, and sadly that fight is often lost. However, many people are turning to hypnotherapy in their fight against the rigors of drug addiction. That 's right: they are literally getting hypnotized to stop using drugs.

This might sound like a far fetched scenario from a silly B-movie, but it is actually a proven and scientific way to beat addiction. Understanding this treatment method can help you decide if it is right for you or if another alternative therapy is more your style. However, it 's worth noting the success statistics for hypnotherapy quoted in this article, as they are truly phenomenal.

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This opens your unconscious mind to suggestions and makes you more malleable.

There are two types of hypnotherapy: traditional hypnosis and Ericksonian hypnosis. The former involves giving direct commands to the unconscious mind, such as “you no longer feel the urge to use drugs.” This method is the first attempted because it is the easiest to implement. However, some people have trouble with it or simply have difficulty accepting taking orders. This is when Ericksonian hypnosis is used.

This method uses the same technique of putting a person into a state of extreme suggestion, but uses suggestions and ideas, rather than direct orders. People who are very critical or analytical often struggle with traditional hypnosis, but do well with Ericksonian hypnosis. For example, a therapist may make simple suggestions, like “doesn 't marijuana make you sick to your stomach?” and other allusions to get your mind to react negatively to a situation or impulse.

Does It Actually Work?
The overabundance of silly stage hypnotists often makes people regard hypnotherapy with suspicion. However, hypnotism has been used for thousands of years and is one of the few ancient therapies that scientists have confirmed as being effective. For example, Dr. Michael Yapko of the American Society Of Clinical Hypnosis had this to say about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a treatment:

"Hypnosis works and the
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