The Problem Of Overcoming Failure

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SUMMARY: In this 21st Century, even though the Technology and specialization improved a lot but still there is many complex situations exists in any industries like Aviation, Building, Medical etc. The Solution to these problems are demanding and Technical. Before Years, We are in a condition of “What and how to find the problem”. They spent most of the years in finding the solutions to the problems. Now we are in position of “Know – How to solve the problem” due to the advances and individual expertise and Specialization. But still there persists an avoidable failure and un-intended mistakes happens which causes serious problems and consequences. The reason is evident: Volume and complexity of what we know exceeds our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly safely and reliably. Knowledge has a power of both saving and burden if we are not correctly placed. We need a different strategy of overcoming failure. One that builds based on the experience and the knowledge which he has but somehow makes up for inadequacies. To overcome these, there is a strategy which is silly for the expertise who have an experience in the specialization for many years but it is critical if the simple things missed out causes huge problems. It’s a Checklist. In Simple Words, Checklist may be of any kind, medium or sheet which gives the instruction and idea of what to do in a sequential manner and make things to go in proper fashion without failures. Checklist can be simple and even
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