The Problem Of Overpopulation And Overpopulation

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Michael Koczwara Ben En 101-148 October 3 2014 AMP In Ireland in the 1720’s, poverty and overpopulation were at a problematic rate. Many of the people who lived in England were exiled to Ireland. Many of these Englishmen felt mistreated and wronged. Ireland was a colony to England. The people of England had more money and power than the people of Ireland because England controlled Ireland. Johnathon Swift, a satirical writer, wrote “A Modest Proposal” to show the flaws of the current solutions to the overpopulation and poverty crisis in Ireland. He wanted people of Ireland dismiss the current government issued plans and come up with their own solutions. He successfully accomplished his goal, by using satire, irony, and comparisons, of bring to light the idiotic ideas of the government and trying to get the populous of Ireland to take action. Johnathon Swift uses satire to try to convince the government of Ireland to seriously rethink their unrealistic solutions to the problem of overpopulation and poverty in Ireland. The basic premise that Swift proposes is to plump up the poor children and sell as food to the wealthy. This idea would help with the massive unemployment and overpopulation. Swift uses his own calculations to determine that for the first year a kid can survive on two shilling and breast milk in order to show the economic benefits of this idea. Swift describes how making children a consumable commodities would benefit Ireland and solve the problem. Poor mothers
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