The Problem Of Plastic Water Bottles

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How would you feel going to the Grand canyon with your family and seeing plastic water bottles over the viewing area of such a beautiful place? Well thats what happened to me in 2012. Now Imagine 8 football fields thickly filled with water bottles, thats how many water bottles are thrown away every 5 minutes in the U. S. It is important for you to know the facts about plastic water bottles and some of the alternatives available, because it is destroying our planet and our health. Plastic water bottles are one of the major causes of global warming. (adopt-a-watershed. I am here to persuade you to use a water filtration system along with a reusable water bottle, because it is less expensive, better quality water, and most importantly it will help save our environment. First, I would like to give you some facts about the problem of plastic water bottles and more information about the water that’s in them. Then, I would like to give you some examples of water filtration systems and reusable water bottles and how they are part of the solution. Lastly, I want to give you some resources to obtain these items, and find websites to share with your friends and family. I will begin with plastic water bottle facts. 39 BILLION plastic water bottles go into our landfills every year. Only 20% are recycled. The fact is, half of all bottled water is simply filtered tap water! The annual production to meet the U.S. demands for water bottles is equivalent to 18 Million barrels of oil.
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