The Problem Of Poverty And Homelessness

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I argue that Charlie is wrong in this thinking. The notion that he is raising is exactly the type of selfish and closed minded way of thinking that sets back the progress in solving the issue of poverty and homelessness in America. In fact, a study taken in 2015 gathered that with more interaction and willingness to help the homeless, the more empathy and compassion is gained for them, later resulting in a larger contribution from society creating a social change. I obtained this information based on a survey taken by Lindsay Phillips, a physiologist, that took it upon herself to ask working, undergraduate college students to describe their perceptions of homelessness, willingness to get involved, and ideas towards a solution. In this survey it is found that a good majority of people do see a problem of homelessness and poverty, and are willing to do their part in order to help. In addition, it was found that by volunteering to make a change, the stigma of social distance between the homeless and the general public gradually shortens. This is said in the survey report stating, “Findings seem to indicate that it may be possible to demonstrate stigma toward a population, yet still have a desire to help that population (as indicated by participants seeing the validity of a number of solutions to homelessness and because 82.61% of participants expressed willingness to volunteer to help this population)…For example, results indicated that very few participants would remain
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