The Problem Of Poverty And Poverty

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The Problem:
Looking at the myriad of problems our country faces, Poverty ranks as one of the largest; affecting nearly 14.5 percent of our national population and over 21% of the population in Norman. The existing communication found in poverty relief work is failing. With poverty happening all over the world communication gaps within service slow down and weaken the success and sustainability of the relief process. There is little to no collaboration taking place between the millions of organizations and it is causing a vast inefficiency. Poverty is not being addressed in Norman in a way that is streamlined or efficient. Programs and organizations centered on poverty relief are attempting to solve these problems however there are gaps in communication practices. These gaps are resulting in poverty related organizations only accomplishing minimal impacts despite a wealth of resources and volunteers. Organizations are not completing outreach with the poor in a way that makes the practices sustainable and focused on greatest amount of people in mind. There is no doubt that these organizations are adequately prepared however they are limited in efficiency when they begin to pour out money in relief efforts but don’t have a concrete plan of attack. These programs understand their immediate problem, such as giving a hungry person food, but they don’t concentrate on how to create a sustainable practice so that someday that person may not be dependent on the program and may be

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