The Problem Of Primary Care Essay

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Primary care is a first and vital step to accessing medical services that includes: (a) health promotion, (b) disease prevention, (c) health maintenance, (d) counseling, (e) patient education, (f) diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in a variety of health care settings (American Academy of Family Physicians, 2016). Today, the shortage of primary care physicians/providers (PCP) and the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have presented the nation with a great quandary. It has been estimated that the shortage of PCPs will rise to 66,000 by the year 2025 due to the Medical Doctors (MD) leaving this practice in the pursuit of specialization and thus more money (Buerhaus, DesRoches, Dittus, & Donelan, 2015). Moreover, MDs are less likely than APNs to practice in urban and rural communities, offer services to other underserved groups as well as accepting Medicare consumers (Buerhaus et al., 2015). Additionally, many of these communities are left struggling to obtain needed medical care. While at the same time, the population continues to grow; patients increase in age suffering from many acute and chronic ailments.
It is this type of environment that calls for Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) to step up to the plate. Nurses have been in the forefront delivering exceptional care to patients from the beginning of times. According to Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, and O’Grady (2014) APNs date back to eighteenth century, at which time they were seen offering an array…

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