The Problem Of Prison Overcrowding

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. They get very limited space, making it easier to pass infections or diseases along each individual in the cell. The reason why there is a congestion in prisons is because to construct a cell is very expensive. Each cell in prisons cost about $75,000 to construct. According to the textbook, it would cost approximately 31 million dollars to build a medium security facility.
The state tries to overcrowd prisoners in a cell to save money because cells are expensive to build, but on the long run they end up paying more money for that prisoner once they are released back into society. According to the textbook, John DiIulio and Anne Piehl both estimated that to house a prisoner in Wisconsin cost approximately $14,000. To release the prisoner back into society would cost about $28,000 by having that prisoner harm other citizens. By keeping prisoners in close-tight space next to other inmates, they become ill and start developing mental disorders. Just as prison overcrowding add to the health problems in prison it also contributes to the health problems in society because at some point the prisoners will be released back into society. When they reenter society, they have to get treated and most go back to committing crimes because they are unable to get a job to meet their necessities or get treated for their illnesses.
According to the textbook, the impact of crowding increases the potential for violence. The problem that rises from prison crowding is not being able to…
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