The Problem Of Prison Overcrowding

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In this article, the authors determine several short-term solutions to the major problem of prison overcrowding and argue that the problem of prison overcrowding would not be ending anytime soon, due to the inadequate attempts by state governments to deal with the inhumane living conditions in overcrowded prisons. This article relates to the topic because the authors analyze how the federal government and some individual states, such as California and Florida, respond to the constrained resources causing unsuitable conditions in overfilled prisons. This source illuminates the perpetuity of prison overcrowding, as most attempts made by state government have been focused on limiting the number of prisoners and not on living conditions. The…show more content…
Guetzkow This article strives to answer the how litigation and politics effects prison overcrowding. The two authors argue that the effects of prison overcrowding litigation has no actual effect in solving the issue of overcrowding and would actually increase incarceration rates due to the promotion of a tough-on-crime political agenda. This source is relevant to my topic because it gives more information and quantitative data on how prison overcrowding policy affected five different aspects of the issue, which are prisons admissions, release, capital outlays for corrections, prison crowding, and incarceration rates. The main finding of the article is that politics played a large role in prison overcrowding, as politicians used a tough-on-crime agenda and increased spending on prisons to win elections. There is no reason to doubt the evidence and there are no problems with the source.

Bachman This scholarly article by Bachman tries to solve the prison overcrowding issue in Alabama under the US Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA). Bachman argues that a potential federal remedial order is needed to fix this issue, as states are not well equipped to deal with this issue. This source is relevant to my topic as it dives deeper into the issue of prison overcrowding at the state level. The source reveals how bad living conditions are in state prisons, especially those in Alabama, have become today due to

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