The Problem Of Prison Overcrowding

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Blackboard #1: Realignment Prison overcrowding has always been a problem in California prisons. It has been growing over the year and has now lead the United States Supreme Court to take part in trying to find a solution to this problem. Because of this issue, Plata litigation came through and had a significant impact on the way we see community corrections. The ruling in the Plata litigation in turn lead to AB 109 or The Public Safety Realignment Act to be implemented as a solution to California’s growing problem of overcrowding. Researchers who conducted studies of this new act found many relevant things and gave many recommendations. Plata litigation is an order from the Supreme Court of the United State to California to reduce the inmate population in its prisons to the amount that the prisons were designed to hold (Petersilia, 2014). They were allowed two years to do this (Petersilia, 2014). This was ordered due to the violation of the inmates’ rights which was being caused by overcrowding (Petersilia, 2014). In the article it states, “The Supreme Court found that California had violated the Eight Amendment ban against cruel and unusual punishment by providing constitutionally inadequate medical and mental health services in its prisons, and that overcrowding was the ‘primary’ source of the unconstitutional medical care” (Petersilia, 2014). This ruling was responded to by an act called AB 109, or The Public Safety Realignment Act (Petersilia, 2014). Plata litigation

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