The Problem Of Prison Overcrowding

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Alarming issues that causes society to stir up continue to expand every day. Some of these issues include the educational system, healthcare laws, unemployment and economic situations, not to mention the ongoing water drought crisis…all of which are major dilemmas in California. One major dilemma, however, is often ignored. Over the past 30 odd years, California’s prison population has grown by 750 percent (“California’s Perpetuating Prison Crisis”). As this percentage perpetuates to make substantial gains, inmates are suffering in confinement cells, officials are negotiating over the issue, and the public is protesting to make their opinions count. The prison crisis has continued to grow over the years, causing a great uproar among all of California’s 32 state prisons. Prison overcrowding has been an increasingly vital issue since the mid-1970s. Due to many different factors that directly relate to confinement such as increased penalization for malefactions, deliberately monitored drug laws, new criminal offenses, and a high recidivism rate, a substantial amount of inmates have been deprived of decent treatment while other ill-mannered demeanor has broken out within the prisons. A few main causes of overcrowding include a substantial increase in returning customers and the effects of the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” law. These two factors play the greatest role in overcrowding as the numbers of inmates have gone on to double and then triple over the years. Overcrowding…
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