The Problem Of Problem With Ckd Chronic Kidney Disease

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One the outside people can seem to be heathy, but we never know what may be going on with them internally. I spoke with a 45 year old man who is married with a full family of 7. He is a detective with the local police department. As he is a man of faith he works in his church. His friends and family can always depend on him. On a normal week, he can been seen going to work, the gym, church, cutting grass for family and friends, taking care of his widowed mother and playing with his 2 year old grandson. From the outside looking in, people would say he has a very blessed life. What many people do not know is that he is battling a very deadly disorder. He is in stage 3 renal failure, also known as CKD Chronic Kidney Disease. There is no cure for this disorder, all that can be done is to take measures to slow the progression. The Center for Disease Control has ranked CKD as the 9th leading cause of death. According to the National Kidney Foundation, 1:3 adults are at risk for CKD and 26 million have it but do not know it. Normally, people are born with two kidneys but it is possible to live with only one. The kidneys regulate body fluid levels, filter waste and toxins from the blood, release hormones that regulate blood pressure, activate vitamin D to maintain healthy bones, release hormone that directs production of red blood cells and keeps blood minerals in balance (NKF). The kidneys filter blood every 30 minutes and the rate of filtration is known as
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