The Problem Of Product Recall

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Product recall is defined as a form of consumer protection aimed at removing unsafe products from the hands of consumers. A product recall typically deal with a safety issue that could potentially make somebody ill, injure, or even kill them (Flynn, B., & Zhao, X., 2015). Product recalls can affect any element of our markets, most often occurring in automobiles, food, medicines, and toys. When a company first discovers a flaw in a product, they have two options open to them. They could chose to withdraw their product from the market until they can work out the issues, or they can leave the product available for purchase and hope the situation works out for the best. One of the biggest ethical problems that arises when a…show more content…
(Flynn, B., & Zhao, X., 2015) They came up with a formula that calculated that it would cost them about $137 million to make the safety improvements to the cars, but only $49.5 million in “burn deaths” and “burn injuries”. Their predictions showed that 180 people could burn to death and another 180 could suffer from serious burns (Dowie, M., 1977, 51-52). In the end, their behavior led to 27 people’s deaths (Infor Healthcare, n.d., 4). By refusing to make a simple change to the gas tank of the cars because they wanted to keep the price down, they were saying that their customer’s lives were worth less than their profits. Another ethical issue that arises when a company tries to determine how long they should wait before they actually make the call to pull the product off the market. Do they pull the product as soon as they discover the flaw and lose profits? Or do they keep the products on the shelf and wait to see if some mishap occurs? Usually, a company discovers the flaw, recalls the product, and everything turns out fine. Once such example occurred in 1982, when seven people in the Chicago area died from cyanide poisoning after taking Extra-Strength Tylenol. Without waiting for a determination for how the cyanide made it into the pills, Johnson & Johnson recalled the entire lot, affecting 31 states, not just
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