The Problem Of Recycling Waste Removal Crew

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I’ve been wondering for years why every trash can doesn’t have a recycle bin right next to it. On a recent trip to Germany to visit my brother, I was standing in his German kitchen, with its small refrigerator and European design cabinets, looking at three separate bins to dispose of household waste. He explained to me which waste goes in which bin and expressed with great vigor that if the city’s waste removal crew found an appropriate things in a certain been they would simply leave the whole been on the curb and the government also had very stiff fines in place for people who didn’t dispose of items properly. Wow, what a great system! When we first started recycling waste from our homes some years ago we had to separate glass, plastic, paper, aluminum, etc. I even had a compost in my backyard. My family of five only created a small grocery sacks worth of trash to go in a landfill every 2 to 3 days. I still announce this tidbit with pride whenever the subject of recycling or waste comes up. And the town we lived in had a very poor curbside recycling system so we stacked bins in our garage and every few weeks when we drove the hour away to visit grandparents, who had a much more vigorous recycling system in town, we would load all the recycling up in the back of our car and put it in the appropriate bins. Today, my family of only two makes no more waste than we used to. In years past, when there was less abundance in the world, if a family could afford to throw away
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