The Problem Of Reproducing High Dynamic Range

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The problem of reproducing high dynamic range images on devices with restricted dynamic range has gained a lot of interest in the computer graphics community.
In this paper, new adjustment tone mapping method is presented for displaying high dynamic range image on low dynamic range device without any lose in image details and preserves image contrast. Instead of linearly scaling the luminance of all pixels or introduce local gamma correction with adaptive parameters for all pixels, the paper core idea is using linear operator in specific pixels and using nonlinear operator in another pixels according to guidance map. The optimal compression can finally be achieved by solving the optimization problem that integrates all window-based constraints which can be transformed to a sparse linear equation.
High dynamic range is a digital photography technique that collect multiple exposures of the same scene where captured with different exposure settings and merged using image editing camera software to create a more realistic image called HDR images. The dynamic range of a scene, image or imaging device is defined as the ratio of the highest to the lowest luminance or signal level. High dynamic range image can capture great dynamic rage that represents the whole tonal range of real-world scenes. HDR image is encoded in a format that allows the largest range of values using floating-point values stored with 32 bits per color channel, but the modern…
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