The Problem Of Self Esteem

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Drug addiction, prostitution as well as prostitution are the most social problems in the current society. On the other self-esteem is one of the most important variables that have a significant influence on these challenges. This research aims to investigate the role of self-esteem in peoples with the tendency to addiction, prostitution, as well as theft in Kerman city, Iran. The paper is divided into various sections starting from introduction, literature review, finding and conclusion.

Self-esteem is all about the thought feeling and emotion regarding how an individual thinks about himself or herself. Self-esteem may lead to positive impact as well as negative consequences (Claiborne, & Sirgy 2015). For
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Conversely, a healthy individual self-esteem is upon their capabilities to understand themselves precisely, as well as the ability to accept and value their selves. Therefore, it means that a person may realistically recognize his or her weakness and strengths.
This was just a causal-comparative research since the study aimed at identifying the role of self-esteem in the tendency towards drug abuse, prostitution, and theft. To carry out the research, the self-esteem level was measured and reordered among the group of unhealthy and ordinary people. The sample composed of 300 people out of whom 200 of them have been imprisoned in Kerman Jail with the bad history of drug abuse, theft, and prostitution, while the rest were just ordinary people without any criminal record. Due to inadequate response in answering and returning of the questionnaires only 283 unhealthy and healthy people were regarded as the study. The data collection tool was 30 questions Eyesenck self-esteem which is the reliability and validity has confirmed 16 chi-squares were employed for data analysis.
It was realized that those with low self-esteem tend to engage in dangerous behaviors. For instance, the tendency of people towards robbery (P = 0.001), prostitution (P = 0.001) and (P = 0.001), these was obtained through chi-square. So the addicted subjects were those with the history of prostitution while the prostitution was found to have lower self-esteem than the
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