The Problem Of Sex Trafficking

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The Solution to Human Trafficking is Just As Difficult As the Problem

Sex Trafficking is a global phenomenon defined most often as the trade in women and children using force, fraud or coercion to cause a commercial sex act. Prostitution, pornography and sexual performance that is committed in exchange for money, drugs, shelter, food or clothes is defined as a commercial sex act. Sex Trafficking has a firm grip as a multi-million dollar production, recently skyrocketing with the modern era of technology that allows the business to become even more elusive and harder to track. We’ve all heard of the terminology, but how many of us actually know what sex trafficking entails? January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention
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However, the nature of the violence taking place actually affects more than just the victims. Sex trafficking is closely related to AIDS, as many involved in prostitution are unable to negotiate the use of condoms. Sexually transmitted diseases have a strong presence in trafficking and because of that, client 's partaking in sexual acts with traffickers contract them and spread them within the community. As commonly seen in sex traffick communities, drugs are often used to immobilize the victim; drugs that come off the streets, requiring a high supply and demand on the streets. This leads to more violence in the community.
Society may call it prostitution but federal law calls it sex trafficking. Victims need help not judgement or punishment. Due to the social stigma or misinformation, victims go unidentified, silenced by fear and control of the trafficker. They may be misidentified, pigeonholed into treatment for only surface issues. As a result, sex trafficked kids are treated for drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, delinquency, or STD’s. All of this hides the true need for freedom. With the horrors of trafficking coming to an all-time high, it is important to fight this modern day slavery quickly and effectively.
Sex trafficking is a problem that nations across the globe have come together to try and combat, however, efforts amount to little avail. It is a difficult task to take on because
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