The Problem Of Sexual Assault

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Brianna Welsch Composition I Stacey Brasch 3 November 2015 Title The fact that one in five college students will experience some form of sexual assault is quite startling. This calls to question, are we going to let this continue to happen or step up and do something about it? Sexual assault is sadly something common in a college setting and is on the rise. Drew Fausts, president of Harvard, made the statement “Sexual assault is intolerable and we owe it to one another to confront it openly, purposely, and effectively. This is our problem.” And he’s right, this is our problem and we need to do something about it, but what? What are solutions that can wipe out sexual assaults? So what exactly is sexual assault? “Sexual assault is an umbrella term used to scribe a wider range of forced and unwanted sexual activity, including kissing, exhibitionism, groping, and rape” (“The Realities”) There’s many ways to look at sexual assault, but bottom line is it’s unwanted sexual actions or gestures made on someone without permission. It could be emotional or physical abuse in a sexual way. In emotional abuse it could be anything from the tone of their voice, language choice, jealousy, controlling statements, perforative language, or threats. For physical it could range form violence, threatening body language, damaging of property, or violence during sex. With research always being conducted on this topic the statistics are quite startling. For starters, most victims know their
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