The Problem Of Single Sex School Essay

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Single-sex school From the beginning, God has created Adam and Eve and made them live together this was an important lesson for the people, to learn how to live together in an equal and fair society. Nowadays, many people do not prefer this method. Also, there are many problems that can hinder them to lead a happy life. Many parents face a big problem to choose a school for their children because of the huge number of types of school. Those types can vary from private, governmental, single-sex, or coeducational schools. So, the parents have to select the better one for their children. There are separated schools and this segregation can begin from the childhood from the school period. There are two main types of schools or educational system. First, which is known as a coeducational system where the two genders can learn together at the same class or school. Second, which is a single-sex school where the students are separated into boys and girls classes or schools (Cambridge). The single-sex school was common through the nineteenth century, especially during the secondary school level. Also, it practices in many countries such as Belgium, the Middle Eastern Countries, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. Many people arguing about whether male and female should be educated separately or not. Single sex school should be forbidden because it promotes sexism, breaks the law, and decreases the experience. The proponents of the single-sex school believe
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