The Problem Of Smartphone Addiction

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Nowadays, we can easily see people sitting around each other but only staring at their smartphone without any conversation. Smartphones of today have so many features that people can hardly seem to look up and keep them for a second. These behavior is more likely to be see as an addiction. Obviously, people have different opinion regarding smartphone addiction where some people think it is a problem whereas some might not. Despite of all the facts and opinion we question ourselves are we even addicted to smartphone? Do we reach for our smartphone first thing in the morning? Is our smartphone the last thing we check at night? In “Stop Smartphone Insanity”, the purpose of the commercial is to persuade people to stop smartphone addiction that is dangerous and I think that they did an excellent job presenting their idea.
The “Stop Smartphone Insanity” is a Public Service announcement which uses comedic and satirical style of presentation to convey their message on creating awareness to people to look up and stop smartphone addiction. The main character who is extremely addicted to his smartphone acted as Jim Carrey to exaggerate how insanely people addicted to their smartphone. The commercial starts by introducing the him and followed by some unfortunate event which is caused by his negligence towards his surroundings because of his addiction. Jim was distracted with his phone when sitting with his friend in the cafeteria, bumping into the doors, lamp post and even into random
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