The Problem Of Social Media

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My generation has grown up with technology in our hands since we were toddlers. We are dependent on technology, from Iphones, Laptops,tablets, ipods, even watches that keep us connected to a never ending supply of distant connection. Social media is the source of many problems in our society. One of the problems is the lack of communication in a relationship. One misconception about social media is that it has the ability to strengthen a relationship because you have another avenue of communication when in fact it is detrimental, due to lack of intimate interaction between two people. Social media not only takes away face to face interactions, but it leads to trust issues, cheating and a lack of confrontation. Communication is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship; just like a flower needs sun and water to stay alive, a relationship needs will and endearment. Lack of will leads to a spiraling world of misunderstanding and pain. Today, the common teenager’s world revolves around Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Their brain craves to see what others are doing making them lose focus on what they were supposed to do. Today it is all about subtweeting relationship problems or texting complaints to friends. There is no confrontation or talking to the other person to tell them how you feel, leading to the main cause of lack of communication in relationships. Lack of communication can have a domino effect of problems, starting off with partners being distant and
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