The Problem Of Social Psychology

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Social psychology is the study of how people think, feel, and act as a result of being present among others. At times, a direct contact is not required to fully influence a person. The imagined or implied presence of others is sufficient to carry out a full effect on another person. Examples to portray how the impact of others can have an authority over the way we function socially can be found almost anywhere around us. The media is filled with many examples from recent headlines that may offer an illustration of this phenomenon. In recent news, the National Public Radio (NPR), a non-profit membership media organization, aired an interview discussing Syria 's bloody civil war. With more than four million people who have fled the country thus far, it has easily been named one of the worst refugee situations in history. Millions more have also been displaced within Syria. Although we rarely hear from the people inside, NPR was able to air an interview it conducted with one of the citizens who lives in the broken country. Saeed al-Batal, a photographer and filmmaker who did not use his real name for security reasons, reveals how horrific the experiences currently are in Syria. In this paper, the transcript of the interview will be used portray how, even when situations are clearly appalling and catastrophic, the presence of others effects people’s contributions and willingness to help. It will also be used to psychologically understand why people help, why people do not, when
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