The Problem Of Solar Energy

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I. In this world built on the cheapest, easiest conveniences of energy, a majority of us are blind to the other solutions available. It is no question that we are totally dependent on the use of fossil fuels. It’s continual use causes pollution which is getting harder and harder to clean. We are getting past the point of no return and some experts say we were only have 40 or 50 years of fossil fuel left. 40 or 50 years doesn’t sound like a lot of time. With the Earth’s population surpassing 7 billion people and each of us using more and more of these fossil fuels each day. The time seems even shorter to me. Like a bad addiction, I believe that we, in the United States, can break our habit using of fossil fuels and help our country become more sustainable. I believe one form of alternative energy can help us do that and that is solar energy.
II. Now I’m sure most of you know the pros of using solar energy. If you weren’t here last week when I talked about solar energy here are a couple of the perks. The first one is the reduced dependence on fossil fuels, decreased pollution, less dependence from an electric company because nearly anyone can place solar panels on their home, and finally the increase of jobs due to manufacturing solar panels and the research of solar energy. Another less known pro of using solar energy is tax credits. From a website called SolarCity that handles installation of solar panels says “Federal, state and local governments offer incredible solar tax
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