The Problem Of Space And Space

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Have you ever looked up into the night sky and contemplated the many wonders and splendors that abound our universe? If you have then you might have also noticed that our universe doesn 't only consist of the splendidness that we can see with our eyes alone, but with many other mysteries that we have yet not solved. In addition, as humans it has always been our nature to be curious and therefore, it has also been our greatest avidity to explore and discover things that are foreign to us. For instance, to many people it has become a significant objective to go beyond the impossible, sometimes in the pursuit to try and gain a greater perception of not only the world we live in, but also of the things that exist around us. In addition, as people 's passion to learn about space has enlarged, many space groups and administrations have flourished. Thus many people have began to take on the role to try and go beyond the limits of the planet we live in, in other words, explore space. However, time has shown that in order to reach such achievements, great amounts of money are needed. Furthermore, over the past few years the U.S has been contributing to one of the world 's largest air and spacecraft administration, otherwise known as NASA by funding money to it. In addition, it has been these contributions that have led to its many discoveries, which have taken part of our lives in one way or another. Therefore, as NASA 's discoveries have extended and taken on different areas, the
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