The Problem Of Space Research

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The government must continue to fund space research in order to colonize and contain the current overpopulation as well as other global issues on Earth. Space research involves scientific studies launched with specific equipment to outer space, and provides a broad category of research disciplines such as: Earth science, Materials science, Biology, Medicine etc. Many complain of how costly space research is, with missions that have a total cost of up to 1.6 billion dollars, many feel that it’s not worth such large amounts of money and the outcomes of space research provide little benefits. However, it’s quite the opposite. Space research mainly focuses on colonizing most of the 7.1 billion people that inhabit the Earth today, to other planets within the solar system and beyond. It’s very important to look for other planets to live on besides Earth because our population has grown drastically over the Earth’s calculated capacity, and if we don’t look to other planets, then where else do we look? Due to the overpopulation of humans on Earth, many of the Earth’s resources have been used on our species development. As a result, space research also focuses on retrieving more resources from the limitless supply Space has to offer, providing a vast majority of rare and essential materials for use. Another thing to note is thanks to Nasa’s space research humans now have a better understanding of Earth and its environment and because of that, humans are able to counter and end
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