The Problem Of Teacher Attrition

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In conclusion, teacher attrition is a growing issue that is plaguing education. A proactive approach needs to be taken to combat this growing issue instead of a reactive approach. Teachers are leaving the profession by the thousands weekly. Students, school districts, and communities are all feeling the effects of the lack of an adequate educational system, especially in high poverty, low performing school districts. These are the districts that need quality teachers the most but are at the biggest disadvantage because of difficulties attracting quality teachers to the areas. In order to close the achievement gap, states are requiring teachers to be highly qualified. Highly qualified means teachers have graduated from a four year institute and completed a teacher certification program. States and school districts are required to notify parents if their child’s teacher is not highly qualified. States and school districts feel that highly qualified teachers translates to increased student achievement. The public and the states has two varying views on what it means to be a highly qualified teacher. The state says that a highly qualified teacher has completed a four year institute and teacher certification program. The public feels that a highly qualified teacher is one that possess classroom management skills, knowledgeable of the subject matter they teach, understand how student learn, and monitor and assess student progress. Student achievement is the main
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