The Problem Of Technological Security Crisis

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Several issues come to mind when dealing with three major crises that will confront businesses over the next 50 years. Of the major crises that come to mind, technological security seems to be one of the more evident crises that business will confront over the next 50 years. Many companies are beginning to store extremely valuable information on cloud storage systems to save costs, time, paper, etc. This methodology is risky simply because of the increased risk of hackers trying to capture and misappropriate the stored information. In order for businesses to take appropriate preventative action, they must invest in the adequate amount of internet, system, and storage security. In addition to the technological security crisis, there are two other crises that businesses must prepare for. The slides mentioned how management was changing and the characteristics that accompanied new leaders. New leaders command individuals, act heroically, and enable individuals to maximize their potential. Furthermore, new leaders provide resources, provide training, and get out of the way to allow employees to manage themselves. Not only is this a new and innovative approach to management and leadership, it also proposes new ideas management and how to handle these particular situations. Finally, after exploring the ideas of the previous two crises, we examine a third potential crisis. Social pressures have influenced many decisions throughout the years and will continue to do so with the
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