The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy

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Some things in life are just thrown at you without any warning and you simply may not be ready to tackle the task at hand. Pregnancy is one of those many things that are thrown into your life that can be a major issue for many people, especially teen girls. Finding out that you 're pregnant is big news whether you are happy about it or not. The decision of what you 're going to do with the baby is what makes it so life changing. Many possibilities arise for one to think about; one could choose to parent that baby, abort it, or put it up for adoption. For most people it 's an easy decision because they want to keep that baby and raise it as one of their own, but for some, it can be the most difficult decision of their life. Many of these people are young women who get pregnant without trying to be. For those young women who have this problem arise, they get stuck thinking about their future and they feel that pregnancy may ruin what they previously sought out for themselves. Because of this many of them abandon the thought of ever keeping the baby and turn to having an abortion. What many may not know is that adoption is a better way to handle this controversy. Adoption should be chosen over abortion so that the young woman will not be harmed during or after the process, the baby can be given a second chance at life, and those who can 't have children of their own can experience the life of parenthood.
When consulting the mothers-to-be about the decision to abort their

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