The Problem Of Teen Suicide

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Teen suicide is one of the leading causes of death among teens and a significant problem in the United States. Consequently, suicide is a tragedy not only for that person, but also for their family and friends that are left behind (Bell). Many teens of all races are affected by this intentional, self-inflicted death. Even though the causes of suicide can be hard to isolate, the signs can be linked to depression, drug abuse, emotional neglect of their parents, bullying, parents divorcing, sexual and domestic abuse.
Sadness, feelings of lack of worthiness, uninterested in activities are all signs of depression. Depression is a mood disorder and it is one of the most common signs that lead to suicide. Teenagers let problems take over their live. If this mental disorder is identified in the early stages, professional guidance may solve the problem (Bell). Time is the main factor for depression. Emotional distress is usually what the teenager feels before attempting or completing the act. The only way their behavior will improve is through professional help. Emotional neglect of parents can affect teens in a way that is hard to believe. Parents are busy with their lives and sometimes forget about their children’s emotional needs. Therefore, the child feels their existence no longer matters (Bell). Divorce is another catalyst in teen suicide. Teens that are in a middle of a divorce tend to blame themselves for their parents break up. Feelings of abandonment takes over and

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