The Problem Of The Aviation Industry

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The aviation industry has a major problem on its hands. The biggest problem with the industry as it stands is not necessarily the carbon footprint, though that is a major problem. The biggest dilemma is the face that jet fuel is not a renewable resource. Cars have it much easier than planes. Cars need far less energy to move than planes do, so they can run off of an electric motor. Planes on the other hand need a massive amount of energy that a battery just can’t provide. They need a fuel that will eliminate both their problems, lack of petroleum and pollution, at once. Many scientists agree that the best solution to both of these problems is using biofuels, fuel with a low carbon content, something that our fuels now contain vast quantities of. The need for a renewable and clean fuel source is imminent and biofuels, synthetic fuels, and cryogenic fuels are the fuels that the world aviation industry needs. Current Problem The lack of fuel is something that not just the aviation industry will take a huge hit from. Even with current fuel efficient engines, the lack of crude oil in which to get jet fuel from is imminent. Emma Nygren points out that the aviation industry will only increase. According to her “the number of passengers carried has grown an average of 4.9% per year since 1970” (Nygren). Nygren also notes that in 2006 “more than 2 billion people traveled by air” (Nygren). That isn’t even accounting the good shipped by plane every year. And even as planes get more

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