The Problem Of The California Drought

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California is experiencing one of its worst droughts in history. Water is made up of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. It sounds so simple, but it should not be taken for granted because without it we would cease to exist. It is so necessary for survival that without it we would die in a few days. Fortunately, the California drought has not reached that level. Yet, there is a need for concern because human beings are not among the only living organism that depends on water. All living organisms depend on it, from a mighty bald eagle, to the bright orange California poppy. Not only does it bring life, but it also plays a role in the economy as well. There are many occupations that rely on water and if one industry is directly affected then presumably fifty or more are indirectly affected. Water is in high demand, but there is not enough supply to meet it. It is extremely difficult to predict next week’s weather, let alone next year’s total rainfall. In a 6-10 day (accumulated) precipitation forecast history shows that meteorologist have only been correct about 40% of the time. This is a great cause for concern because it makes it extremely difficult to know if we are rationing enough now. As mentioned before, water is in great demand and it is intrinsically necessary. So, how much will California lose if the drought continues and what can be done to ease the situation? I will report on the current water system in CA, the users (i.e. urban and agriculture), and different
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